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The True Yoga - Iyengar Yoga with Vida Sargazi
hétfő január 17, du. 3:30 PM
Art's Harmony Studio - 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.

MDA - Live cortinas
kedd január 18, du. 8:00 PM
Art's Harmony Studio - 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.

Free Event ( Yoga ) - Iyengar Yoga with Vida Sargazi
szerda február 2, du. 4:00 PM
Art's Harmony Studio - 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.



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  • TangoCity Budapest... invitation



    Dear Budapest visitor Tanguera/Tanguero!

    In the TangoCity Budapest program, we are able to offer full service to tango tourists during their visit to Budapest.
    Personal care, everything from one place with discount!


    Everything you need to enjoy the bustling tango life in Budapest:
    milongas, workshops, individual and group lessons, dinner concert               show, folklore program, boat sightseeing with dinners, bathing and               exploring the beautiful Budapest.


    Here with us, from the airport transfer to accomodation, from                         accommodation to tango and other programs and services, you can             find everything in the seven days of the week, and you can choose               according to your interest.
    Your TangoCity Budapest package can be individually tailored to your            offered services and programs.


    TangoCity Budapest Helpdesk:
    Art's Harmony Studio
    Adress: Rökk Szilád u. 11., Budapest 1085.
    (Entrance directly from the street opposit of the Kis Salétrom Street)
    Mobil: +36 20 318 63 89
    24 h assistance: +36 20 967 8011
    WhatsApp: +36 30 681 0053
    Choose anything from this list below, and e-mail to us please, and we send your individual       discount package offer:
    (e-mail: info@tangocitybudapest.com or artsharmony@arts.hu)

    - Airport transfer in 2 directions – 40 €/ person
         - comfortable and trendy apartments

         - Budapest Card for 1 day   – 22 €
         - Budapest Card for 2 days – 33 €
         - Budapest Card for 3 days – 43 €
         - Budapest Card for 4 days – 53 €
         - Budapest Card for 5 days – 63 €


    - CitySightseeing with Hop On - Hop Off bus:
         - CitySightseeing 24 hours 27 €             (with Budapest Card price 22 €)
         - CitySightseeing 48 hours 30 €             (with Budapest Card price 24 €)
         - CitySightseeing 48 h.+Night tour 32 € (with Budapest Card price 26 €)
         - CitySightseeing 72 hours 35 €             (with Budapest Card price 28 €)


    - ticket for bathing, Szechenyi bath entrance (locker) – 20 €


    - folklore programs for any day, 1 class category – 38 €
    - folklore programs for any day, 2 class category – 35 €
    - Dinner & cruise with live music – 49 €
    - Folklor & Cruis dinner 1. cat. – 84 €
    - Folklor & Cruis dinner 2. cat. – 80 €


    Milongas and tangolessons

    Tuesday evening - Milonga del Angel at Art's Harmony Studio with Live Music by Tango Harmony      Budapest orchestra - 5 €
      AND!!! From 20:00 to 21:00 Tango class for all levels
    - Wednesday evening - Infusion milonga (BD) - Free entry
    - Thursday evening - Water lilys (Tavirózsa) milonga at the sunset - 3 €
    - Saturday evening - Hölgyválasz (La Mirada) milonga at Hölgyválasz Dance Studio Budapest - 5 €
    - from 15th Aug Saturday - La milonga Beso Del Sabado Budapest at Art's Harmony Studio - 7 €
    Sunday evening - Museum milonga by TangoFactory - 3-6 €


    Airport transfer in 2 directions

    Our Airport Transfer Service guarantees that you arrive on time and conveniently. Air-conditioned, spacious and comfortable cars at an affordable price are available at anytime at a fixed price from Liszt Ferenc Airport at the designated time and location, and back from the specified location and time.

    Budapest card


    Budapest Card helps you discover the city using free public transportation and offers access to top sights, attractions and programmes for free or with discounts up to 50%. – See more. Save more.

    Enjoy the top attractions, feel the atmosphere of historic baths, taste traditional Hungarian cuisine, experience off-the-beaten-track programmes and sights and travel for free! Get the most out of your stay. One card. Loads of benefits.

    More informations: https://www.budapestinfo.hu/budapest-card

    City sight seeing HopOn – Hop off bus

    Discover Budapest by bus! You don’t want to                   miss out on any of the sights right? We have stops         all over Budapest, we’ll take you everywhere.

    More informations: https://www.programcentrum.com/

    Termal Bath

    The Széchenyi Spa is one of the greatest prides of Budapest with its immense size, majestic appearance and huge popularity. Having 15 pools indoors and 3 open air bathing facilities the spa is considered the largest in the whole continent. The bath’s real peculiarity is its largest outdoor thermal pool with a consistently 40°C water providing magnificent recreational pleasures in the coldest days of winter as well. Just imagine floating in a huge pool of healing water while snowflakes melt away on your body and piling up everywhere else around the pool.



    Skip the Entry Line to the Széchenyi Spa and have a relaxing spa day! Delve into the world of spas with the largest thermal bath in Europe and enjoy the wide variety of its facilities any time of the day, whole year round!


    More informations:




    Folklore and other culture packages


    Boat cruise on Danube with dinner, city sightseeing, combined packages

    Folklore Show + Late Night Cruise



    Get a taste from this one of a kind cultural dish in the form of the original Hungarian Folklore Show and feel the origins of Hungary in all of its authenticity by three of the country’s best folk dance and music performers.


    More informations:





    Milongas and tangolessons

    - Tuesday:



    Milonga del Angel


    The only regular milonga in Budapest with live music at Art's Harmony Studio! Music by the Tango Harmony Budapest Argentine tango orchestra, and by the best Hungarian djs or foreign guest djs.




    AND!!! Every Tuesday from 20:00 to 21:00 FINE TUNING TANGO lessons, you can  learn the basics of tango with always new teachers.


    - Wednesday:


    Infusion milonga (BD)


    Organized by the Tango Infusion Group:
    In good weather again Milonga Infusion, with lots of modern music.
    As long as the battery lasts. (Battery Discharge).



    - Thursday:


    Water lilys (Tavirózsa) milonga at the sunset


    Outdoor milonga at the lake! In the sunset!
    Spacious dance-space, pleasant chill out atmosphere.
    Next to the Műjégpálya.





    - Saturday:

    Hölgyválasz Dancestudio


    Saturday regular weekly milonga in the Hölgyválasz                     dancestudio





    - Saturday:


    Beso Del Sabado Budapest


    From 15th Aug, every Saturday Clubmilonga Beso Del Sabado Budapest at Art's Harmony Studio.
    Even more tango on Saturday? Personal experience in a community setting.
    Is tango fever hot in you? Come on, dance!
    Why clubmilonga? Because it’s even more cozy, friendly and eventful.




    - Sunday:



    Museum milonga by TangoFactory


    Open air milonga at the National Museum.
    The floor is perfectly even and smooth marble.
    (They close the gates at 10.00 pm, so we kindly ask you to leave the garden right after the La Cumparsita)







    Privat lessons


    You can take privat tango lessons as well.

    Write us, if you know when will you be at Budapest, and we send you the opportunites for those           days!


    TangoCity Budapest Helpdesk:
    Art's Harmony Studio
    Adress: Rökk Szilád u. 11., Budapest 1085
    (Entrance directly from the street opposit of the Kis Salétrom Street)
    Mobil: +36 20 318 63 89
    24 h assistance: +36 20 967 8011
    WhatsApp: +36 30 681 0053
  • TangoCity Budapest... meghívó


    TangoCity Budapest program-csomag a tangó szerelmeseinek!
    Minden, ami ahhoz kell, hogy kényelmesen
    élvezhesd a nyüzsgő budapesti tangós életet:  szállás, reptéri transzfer, workshopok, milongák, koncertek, tangoshow-k, folklor program, fürdőzés és ismerkedés a szépséges Budapesttel, mindez 7 nap alatt!

    Nálunk a reptéri transzfertől kezdve, a szálláson át a tangós és egyéb programokig és szolgáltatásokig, mindent megtalálsz a hét napjaira lebontva, ezek közül választhatsz érdeklődésednek megfelelően.

    TangoCity Budapest csomagod egyedileg állíthatod össze a felajánlott szolgáltatásokból és programokból.



    TangoCity Budapest Helpdesk:

    Art's Harmony Studio
    Cím: 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilád u. 11.
    (közvetlen utcai bejárat a Kis Salétrom utcával szemben)
    Mobil: +36 20 318 63 89
    24 h assistance: +36 20 967 8011
    WhatsApp: +36 30 681 0053
    Csomag ajánlatok:
    Válassz csomag ajánlataink közül, vagy állítsd össze saját Winter TangoCity Budapest csomagodat, küldd el nekünk e-mailben, és mi elküldjük Neked személyes kedvezményes ajánlatunkat.
    (e-mail: info@tangocitybudapest.com vagy artsharmony@arts.hu)
    (Ha eltérő kívánságaid vannak, kérlek jelezd nekünk!
    Megpróbálunk minden kérést teljesíteni)
    - Airport transfer in 2 directions – 40 €/ person
    - comfortable and trendy apartment / person – from 30 €
    - Budapest Card for 1 day   – 22 €
    - Budapest Card for 2 days – 33 €
    - Budapest Card for 3 days – 43 €
    - Budapest Card for 4 days – 53 €
    - Budapest Card for 5 days – 63 € 
    - City sight seeing Hop On – Hop Off 24 h – 21 €
    - Hop On – Hop Off 48 h – 24 €
    - Hop On – Hop Off 72 h – 28 €
    - ticket for bathing, Szechenyi bath entrance (locker) – 20 €
    - folklore programs for any day, 1 class category – 37 €
    - folklore programs for any day, 2 class category – 33 €
    - Dinner & cruise – 43 €
    - Dinner & cruise with live music – 51 €
    - Folklor & Cruis dinner 1. cat. – 79 €
    - Folklor & Cruis dinner 2. cat. – 75 €

    Budapest Kártya

    A Budapest Card egy városkártya, melynek megvásárlásával bizonyos turisztikai szolgáltatások ingyenesen, vagy kedvezményesen vehetőek igénybe, pl. a Budapest Card ingyenes szolgáltatásai: díjmentes közösségi közlekedés, egyszeri ingyenes belépés a Lukács Fürdőbe, ingyenes belépés 19 múzeumba, ingyenes Budapest Busz a Vár területére, díjmentes 3D történelmi mozi.
    1 napostól 5 naposig váltható.



    Városnézés Hop on – Hop Off  busszal

    Fedezze fel Budapestet busszal! Nem akarja kihagyni a nevezetességeket? Van állomásunk egész Budapesten, bárhova elviszünk.



    Széchenyi Fürdő

    A Városliget szívében található Széchenyi Fürdő 3 kültéri és 15 beltéri medencéjével egy kihagyhatatlan helyszín bárki számára, aki megfordul Budapesten. 
    Belépő szekrény vagy kabin használattal, főbejárat melletti gyorsabb belépéssel.




    Folklór és egyéb kulturális programok, Dunai hajózás vacsorával, városnézéssel

    Egy est a magyar fővárosban, a látvány és a színvonalas szórakoztatás szellemében. Vegyen részt egy szenzációs előadáson a város legnépszerűbb néptánccsoportjai előadásában. Az előadás után maradjon velünk és fedezze fel Budapest látványosságait a Duna vízén ringatózva éjszakai vacsorás hajó programunkkal.





Esemény naptár

BUDAPEST TANGO TRIP with Tango Allegria 2019


Csütörtök, 31. Október 2019, 17:00
 Vasárnap, 3. November 2019

  Találatok : 362  

BUDAPEST TANGO TRIP - 31 Ottobre - 3 Novembre 2019


A Long weekend full of events and emotions

Days of pure fun among Tango, Tourism, Spa, and Wellness



Tango Allegria at Budapest ...


Here we are finally on vacation !! Maybe it will be yours first experience with us or maybe one of many adventures done together ...
anyway we like it 
remember that the proposal always comes from experiences lived over the years, from our passion for Tango and for trips and the desire to share again these paths together with you.
A long weekend 
ideal to see the city of Budapest, discover the its most famous monuments and museums, browse the Danube, dance in the local milongas e certainly give yourself a wellness break in its famous historical Baths.
We will do tango lessons every day with Fernando Serrano, Silvia Colli and the masters of Hungarians Bela Barabas & Kata Hudry. 
We will stay in an excellent 4-star hotel in the near the municipal park Varosliget, home of the Terme "Szecheny Furdo", the hottest waters of Budapest !!So very important, put in suitcase, swimming cap, tango shoes !!!!
We are waiting for you at the hotel! Have a nice trip, everyone!
Budapest Tango Trip – Workshops and milongas:
(All the workshops are at Lions Garden Hotel in Budapest)
--- Thursday 31 October ---
17.00 TANGO lesson with Silvia e Fernando

18.30 MILOGUITA in Varosliget Park
21.00-00.00 MILONGA JUEVES
(adress: The Shift - Andrássy u. 35,  Budapest)


--- Friday 1 November ---
17.00 MILONGA lesson with Silvia e Fernando
18.00 VALS lesson with Silvia e Fernando
21.00 MILONGA Alegria with live music by Orchestra Tango Harmony
(adress: Harmony Studio- Rökk Szilárd u. 11, 1085 Budapest)

--- Saturday 2 November ---
15.00 Workshop COLGADAS I with Bela&Kata
16.45 Workshop COLGADAS II with Bela&Kata
18.30 Pratica TANGO with all teachers
(adress: Hölgyválasz Stúdió - Paulay Ede u.41, 1061 Budapest)

--- Sunday 3 November ---
16.00-17.00 Pratica MIRADA with Bela & Kata
17.00-19.30 Afternoon Milonga Tea Time
20.00-23.00 MILONGA ÉJIDŐ
Katiha Tango Studio - Rákoczi u. 20. 1em 5, 1072 Budapest)


Info: 333.5300844 – 377.1745226


Experience and dance Tango worldwide

Discover the best milongas and favorite destinations for Tango fans, all over the world.


Helyszín: Budapest, several locations

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