Summer Tango - Workshops, Milongas, Tango Show, Concert, Dinners, Thermalbath, Sightseeing, Folklore show

TangoCity Budapest Package for the Tangolovers!


Budapest Thursday, 5 July - Wednesday, 11 July 2018
Everything you need to enjoy the bustling tango life in Budapest:
accommodation, airport transfer, milongas, workshops, concert-show-dinner, programs, bathing and exploring the beautiful Budapest, all in 6 days!
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(If you would a different package, or transfer, please contact us! We are trying to solve every requests.)
05. 07. 2018 Thursday

21.00 – 24.00
Milonga Jueves – 3 €
Harmonia Palace (Múzeum utca 9,1088 Budapest) If the weather permits, then it will be in the Castle of Buda! (1014 Budapest, Budavári Palota)
The milonga this Thursday (by the well known tango dj trio) is going to be Harmony Palace or at the Castle of Buda, between 9pm and midnight. On the spot you can buy cafe and tea, every other drinks you can bring and consume on the spot.
Come and enjoy a warm embrace with fellow tangueros!
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06. 07. 2018. Friday:

20:00 – 22:00 – Tango Szalon with Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir– 50 €
Harmonia Palace (Múzeum utca 9,1088 Budapest)

Concert, show, and dinner
Concert - Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra with Alejandro Szabo
Show – Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir will show us the sensual world of tango

Dinner - You may enjoy the passionate tango performance while having a three course diner in an elegant hall with the atmosphere of Buenos Aires.
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21:00 – 01:00 - Milonga sin Palabras – 3 €
Art’s Harmony Studio (Rökk Szilárd u. 11., Budapest 1085) or if the wheater is hot, it’s at the Vigadó square’s fountain (Vígadó téri Szökőkút, Budapest 1051) Regular Friday milonga at Budapest, with the best tango- valts- and milonga- tandas. In very familiar and receptive atmosphere!




07. 07. 2018 Saturday

Workshops and an open lesson 100 €

Art’s Harmony Studio (Rökk Szilád u. 11., Budapest 1085. (Entrance directly from the street opposit of the Kis Salétrom Street))
For intermediate and advanced dancers.
- 12.5 hours of intensive tango teaching where we will work in depth the main choreographic elements of tango: caminatas, ochos, giros, sacadas, paradas, boleos, ganchos and out of axis, paying special attention to the expression, technique, quality of movement and musicality.
- We will study interesting sequences organically, starting with the correct placement of the body, the exercise of the technique, the use of the embrace and the connection in the dancing couple.
- We will learn the musical differences between tango, milonga and waltz, and how to interpret them during the dance.


Art’s Harmony Studio

Very stylish and elegant danceclub with comfortable huge dancefloor and a wall of mirrors. The cosy Art’s Studio is having a bar, and it is very close to citycenter and to the accomodations. The studio is around 200 squaremeters, designed modern way. Having aircondition, HIGHTECH light and sound systems. Also the the dancefloor quality is directly for dancers.


07. 07. 2018 Saturday

13:00 – 18:00 –workshopwith Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir
13:00 - 14:30 "Technique and ornaments: aesthetics and functionality"
14:45 - 16:15 "Giros with enrosques, planeos and ornaments"
16:30 - 18:00 "Interesting combinations of sacadas for leaders and followers"

08.07. 2018 Sunday

13:00 – 18:00 –workshopwith Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir
13:00 - 14:30 "Musicality, rhythm and changes of dynamic"
14:45 - 16:15 "Cadenas & circular movements for vals"
16:30 - 18:00 "Little sequences out of axis to dance at the milonga"

09. 07. 2018 Monday

18:00- 20:00 Special two hours workshop with Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir
"Playful and rhythmic milonga steps, without stress!"

10. 07. 2018. Tuesday

19:30 – 21:00 Open class for all who intrested:
"Tango salon: our favorite sequences" 10 €

07. 07. 2018 Saturday
21.00 - 02.00Hölgyválasz milonga5 €
Hölgyválasz Dancestudio (Paulay Ede u. 41. Budapest 1061)

Saturday regular weekly milonga in the Hölgyválasz dancestudio,with performance of Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir!


08.07. 2018 Sunday
20:00-Folklore Show + Late Night Cruise with dinner80 €
Get a taste from this one of a kind cultural dish in the form of the original Hungarian Folklore Show and feel the origins of Hungary in all of its authenticity by three of the country’s best folk dance and music performers.- Folklore program with internationally renowned dance ensembles at the Danube Palace. Right after it dinner and cruising on River Danube with a boat.


21:00 –00:00 Tango Factory Milonga 3 €

Tango Factory Budapest (Mária u. 54. Budapest, 1085)
Sunday Grand Milonga at Factory

What we expect: a cozy environment, beautiful music, good dancers, delicious cocktails, occasional performances, surprises ...
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09. 07. 2018 Monday
Visiting in the famous Széchenyi Thermal Bath (entry ticket) – 20 €
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Budapest all day sightseing with bus, at the most beautyful locations of the city.– 25 €
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20:00-23:00 Free practica at the Studio and dinner in a Handcraft beer house, (very close to Studio)

Art’s Harmony Studio (Rökk Szilád u. 11., Budapest 1085. (Entrance directly from the street opposit of the Kis Salétrom Street))

10. 07. 2018. Tuesday
Free choose of the programs: sightseeing with bus or by walk, visiting baths. Using the Budapest card as cultural advisor, visit famous places and building sin the beautyfull city Budapest.


21:00 – 01:00 – Milonga del Angel – live music milonga 10 €
21:00 – 22:00 Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra live music- Fernando Serrano-singing, Alejandro Szabo-bandoneon, Bartha Katalin-violin, Adrian Placenti-piano, Daniel Aires-doublebass, Bartha Péter-bandoneon, Nagy Ottó-violoncello
22:00 – 01:00 Dj Pablo Fidanza
The only regular milonga in Budapest with live music at Art's Harmony Studio! Music by the Tango Harmony Budapest Argentine tango orchestra, and by the best Hungarian djs or foreign guest djs.
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11. 07. 2018 Wednesday
on Wednesday traveling homeor optional free program, all day or any previously day
- Visiting the famous Széchenyi Bath, and enjoy the nice relaxing atmosphere.
- Budapest all day sightseing with bus, at the most beautyful locations of the city.


Budapest Card 5 days 60 €

Budapest Card helps you discover the city using free public transportation and offers access to top sights, attractions and programmes for free or with discounts up to 50%. – See more. Save more.
Enjoy the top attractions, feel the atmosphere of historic baths, taste traditional Hungarian cuisine, experience off-the-beaten-track programmes and sights and travel for free! Get the most out of your stay. One card. Loads of benefits.
The high quality accommodations is located in the heart of Budapest, in the exclusive palace quarter, with excellent public transport, in a beautifully renovated, centuries-old buildings from which milongas can be reached easily and quickly.
The organisers:
Arts Harmony Association
Informations and tickets:
Tel: +36-20 967 80 11
+36-20 318 63 89

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