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Elfojtásaink börtönében
csütörtök december 13, du. 6:00 PM
Art's Harmony Studio - 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.

Szent István megkoronázásától az ország felajánlásáig
vasárnap december 16, du. 5:00 PM
Art's Harmony Studio - 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.

Zouk Night - Xmas Party - Workshoppal
vasárnap december 16, du. 8:00 PM
Art's Harmony Studio - 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.



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  • TangoCity Budapest... invitation


    Dear Budapest visitor Tanguera/Tanguero!

    In the TangoCity Budapest program, we are able to offer full service to tango tourists during their visit to Budapest.
    Personal care, everything from one place with discount!


    Everything you need to enjoy the bustling tango life in Budapest:
    milongas, workshops, individual and group lessons, dinner concert               show, folklore program, boat sightseeing with dinners, bathing and               exploring the beautiful Budapest.


    Here with us, from the airport transfer to accomodation, from                         accommodation to tango and other programs and services, you can find       everything in the seven days of the week, and you can choose                     according to your interest.
    Your TangoCity Budapest package can be individually tailored to your            offered services and programs.


    TangoCity Budapest Helpdesk:
    Art's Harmony Studio
    Adress: Rökk Szilád u. 11., Budapest 1085.
    (Entrance directly from the street opposit of the Kis Salétrom Street)
    Mobil: +36 20 318 63 89
    24 h assistance: +36 20 967 8011
    WhatsApp: +36 30 681 0053
    Choose anything from this list below, and we send your individual discount package offer:
    - Airport transfer in 2 directions – 40 €/ person
    - comfortable and trendy apartment / person – from 30 €
    - Budapest Card for 1 day – 22 €
    - Budapest Card for 2 days – 33 €
    - Budapest Card for 3 days – 43 €
    - Budapest Card for 4 days – 53 €
    - Budapest Card for 5 days – 63 € 
    - City sight seeing Hop On – Hop Off 24 h – 20 €
    - Hop On – Hop Off 48 h – 23 €
    - Hop On – Hop Off 72 h – 27 €
    - ticket for bathing – 18 €
    - folklore programs for any day, 1 class category – 36 €
    - folklore programs for any day, 2 class category – 33 €
    - Dinner & cruise – 43 €
    - Dinner & cruise with live music – 51 €
    - Folklor & Cruis dinner 1. cat. – 77 €
    - Folklor & Cruis dinner 2. cat. – 74 €
    - Tango Salon - concert, show with dinner – 43 €
    - Tuesday afternoon beginner class at Art's Harmony Studio (19.00-20.00) – 6,5 €
    - Tuesday afternoon advanced class at Art's Harmoy Studio (20.00-21.00) – 6,5 €
    - Tuesday evening Milonga del Angel – 5 €
    - Wednesday evening women and men tech. at Art's Harmoy Studio (19.45-20.45) – 6,5 €
    - Wednesday evening Tango y Alma Workshop at Budavári Művelődési Ház – 6,5 €
    - Wednesday evening Tango y Alma Milonga at Budavári Művelődési Ház – 3 €
    - Thursday evening-Milonga Jueves at Harmonia Palace – 3,5 €
    - Friday evening - Milonga Sin Palabras at Savoy Garden – 3,5 €
    - Friday evening - Milonga Club in the Club at Budai Tango Club – 3,5 €
    - Saturday evening - Hölgyválasz milonga at Hölgyválasz Dance Studio – 4,5 €
    - Sunday evening - Tango Factory milonga at Tango Factory – 4,5 €



    Airport transfer in 2 directions


    Our Airport Transfer Service guarantees that you arrive on time and conveniently. Air-conditioned, spacious and comfortable cars at an affordable price are available at anytime at a fixed price from Liszt Ferenc Airport at the designated time and location, and back from the specified location and time.





    The high quality accommodation is located in the heart of Budapest, in the exclusive palace quarter, with excellent public transport, in a beautifully renovated, centuries-old building from which milongas can be reached easily and quickly.


    Budapest card



    Budapest Card helps you discover the city using free public transportation and offers access to top sights, attractions and programmes for free or with discounts up to 50%. – See more. Save more.

    Enjoy the top attractions, feel the atmosphere of historic baths, taste traditional Hungarian cuisine, experience off-the-beaten-track programmes and sights and travel for free! Get the most out of your stay. One card. Loads of benefits.

    More informations: https://www.budapestinfo.hu/budapest-card


    City sight seeing HopOn – Hop off


    Discover Budapest by bus! You don’t want to miss out on any of the sights right? We have stops all over Budapest, we’ll take you everywhere.


    More informations: https://www.citytour.hu/en




    The Széchenyi Spa is one of the greatest prides of Budapest with its immense size, majestic appearance and huge popularity. Having 15 pools indoors and 3 open air bathing facilities the spa is considered the largest in the whole continent. The bath’s real peculiarity is its largest outdoor thermal pool with a consistently 40°C water providing magnificent recreational pleasures in the coldest days of winter as well. Just imagine floating in a huge pool of healing water while snowflakes melt away on your body and piling up everywhere else around the pool.



    Skip the Entry Line to the Széchenyi Spa and have a relaxing spa day! Delve into the world of spas with the largest thermal bath in Europe and enjoy the wide variety of its facilities any time of the day, whole year round!


    More informations:






    Folklore and other culture packages


    Boat cruise on Danube with dinner, city sightseeing, combined packages

    Folklore Show + Late Night Cruise



    Get a taste from this one of a kind cultural dish in the form of the original Hungarian Folklore Show and feel the origins of Hungary in all of its authenticity by three of the country’s best folk dance and music performers.


    More informations:





    Milongas and tangolessons


    - Tuesday:


    Tango lesson for beginers at Art’s Harmony Studio with             Péter and Johanna from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm




    Advanced tango lesson at Art’s Harmony Studio with Péter        and Johanna from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm







    Milonga del Angel


    The only regular milonga in Budapest with live music at Art's Harmony Studio! Music by the Tango Harmony Budapest Argentine tango orchestra, and by the best Hungarian djs or foreign guest djs.

    Tango performance by Péter Korom and Johanna Kulik with 1-1 new tango choreography!





    - Wednesday:


    Tango lesson for beginers at Art’s Harmony Studio         with Endre Szeghalmi and Andrea Serbán from 6.30 pm

    Tango technique at Art’s Harmony Studio with Endre        and Andrea  from 7.45 pm

    Tango lesson for intermediate – advanced level at Art’s Harmony Studio with Endre and Andrea  from 8.45 pm






    Tango y Alma - Tango and milonga lessons


    Every Wednesday before the milonga 

    18.30-19.00: FREE 30 minutes basics (each week one basic step includig walk, cross, ocho forward and backward, giro to the right and left). 

    19.00-20.30: Lesson for all levels focusing on one topic every week, including the basic step of the day. Entry fee is 2000 HUF/person including the MILONGA after the lesson. 





    - Thursday:


    Thursday milonga - Milonga Jueves


    The milonga on Thursday (by the well known tango dj trio) is going to be Harmony Palace between 9pm and midnight. On the spot you can buy cafe and tea, every other drinks you can bring and consume on the spot.
    Come and enjoy a warm embrace with fellow tangueros!




    - Friday:




    Milonga Sin Palabras  


    Mostly traditional milonga, one times a month neotango milonga







    Budai Tango Klub


    Club in the club milonga at Budai Tango Klub from 9.00 pm till 11.00 pm

    The two times winner Tangochampion’s – László Budai -        milonga




    - Saturday:



    Hölgyválasz Dancestudio


    Saturday regular weekly milonga in the Hölgyválasz                     dancestudio





    - Sunday:



    Tango Factory Club

    What we expect: a cozy environment, beautiful music, good dancers, delicious cocktails, occasional performances, surprises





    Privat lessons


    You can take privat tango lessons as well.

    Write us, if you know when will you be at Budapest, and we send you the opportunites for those days!


    TangoCity Budapest Helpdesk:
    Art's Harmony Studio
    Adress: Rökk Szilád u. 11., Budapest 1085
    (Entrance directly from the street opposit of the Kis Salétrom Street)
    Mobil: +36 20 318 63 89
    24 h assistance: +36 20 967 8011
    WhatsApp: +36 30 681 0053
  • TangoCity Budapest... részletesen

    TangoCity Budapest program-csomag a tangó
    Minden, ami ahhoz kell, hogy kényelmesen
    élvezhesd a nyüzsgő budapesti tangós életet:
    - szállás,
    - reptéri transzfer,
    - workshopok,
    - milongák, koncertek, tangoshow-k,
    - folklor program,
    - fürdőzés és ismerkedés a szépséges
    Budapesttel, mindez 7 nap alatt!



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